I use a conceptual framework based in science, geometry and abstraction where I merge process and gesture, making each painting within a framework which I nickname "the structure".  The job of the structure is to remove the painting's dependence on Euclidean space as a composition device -  typical with modernism - and replace it with something more attuned to our current scientific understanding of space, matter and the universe.

The structure as a visual system is made up of the following:

  • Waves
  • Web
  • Surfers
  • Veil

The "waves" are basically gravitational waves, which travel outward at the speed of light from their source.

The "web" is a series of interconnected loops- a subatomic fabric that connects everything in the universe. This concept is based on quantum space, which Carlos Rovelli calls interconnected "grains of space". This quantum space goes against our traditional understanding of space as a big empty place with objects floating around. These interlocked grains of space are the space. 

The "surfers" are the points of light and can exist anywhere within the object.

The "veil" is a reference to geodesics (within General Relativity), which essentially are the paths that matter follows when under the effects of gravity (even when spacetime is curved!).

I initially explored the concept of interconnected loops and the veil within the Tangled Bank series, and since then it has evolved into the (painted) universe.

Each work is a call and response between many variables which leaves me navigating a small galaxy of subtleties as I work the structure and the surface. 

Crossing the ever expanding (painted) universe, searching for light and presence.

-Miguel Rodriguez, April 2, 2019

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